In our work and daily life, we often come into contact with many tutorials. The common tutorials are in the form of documents or videos. As a tutorial, the important purpose is to tell learners in what situation to do what kind of operation. Documents can be good to do this, but their disadvantage is also very obvious, that is, it’s boring to read and not intuitive. Compared with documents, video tutorials can better reflect the real operating environment and are more interesting. However, if you want to describe the operating steps, you need to add dubbing or subtitles, and the production and maintenance costs are relatively high.

To solve the shortcomings and difficulties of traditional tutorial production, we have developed Storyteller, an application that is designed as a no-code interactive tutorial builder. Storyteller can be used for product demonstrations or as interactive product instructions to help promote products, as well as for teaching and remote instruction. After reading the above description, if you still don’t know what kind of product Storyteller is, you can move to the official website, where there are product demonstrations and instructions made with Storyteller itself.

Why Stotyteller can have the confidence to solve the shortcomings of traditional tutorials? This is due to Storyteller's division of tutorial production scenarios. We divide the tutorial production environment into web pages, terminals and videos, and we use unique media formats for web pages and terminals. For example, in the web scenario, we use the open-source web page recording and playback tool: rrweb, which is capable of recording and restoring a web page in a small size, lossless, stable and secure way. When users see a realistic, responsive storyteller web tutorial, they are not operating a real web page in a production environment, but a perfect copy of the web page, even including the hover effect of a button. There is no need to worry about security and stability because the page is running in a sandbox environment and no actual business is performed on the page. Some developers may say that "I can implement these immersive and lossless tutorials by myself using user-guided tools like intro.js. Why do I need Storyteller?” Indeed, developers can achieve all of this by writing code, but storyteller provides a very simple and fast way that is suitable for all people. Users can make realistic user guides for their web applications without writing a line of code and this is the no-code feature of Storyteller.

Although Storyteller is not yet at the stage of public release, it is very close to completion and you can experience its core functions and features on the official website. If you want to actually experience it for the first time and stay in the loop, you can submit your email address on the official website and we will make contact with you soon. If you encounter problems in the trial process or have better ideas, you can also be the first to get in touch with us. In the future, in addition to continuously improving existing functions, Storyteller will also introduce a story square function for users to share tutorials and a collaborative function that supports multiple people to edit tutorials at the same time.